Mark Krasnow

Professor of Biochemistry
M.D. and Ph.D. in Biochemistry (University of Chicago)

The Krasnow Lab uses genetic and genomic approaches to elucidate, at single-cell resolution, the genetic programs that control development, renewal, and regeneration of the lung. We are especially interested in stem cells and how their behaviors are controlled in three dimensions to generate functional tissue, and in using this information to understand and treat lung disease and to regenerate a lung. We use similar approaches to map the breathing pacemaker and neural circuit of breathing and to identify breathing arrhythmias.

We have also established an international consortium and a laboratory in Madagascar, partnering with Malagasy students and scientists, to determine the feasibility of the mouse lemur as a new genetic model organism and to provide a model for hands-on biomedical education and training in developing countries that strengthens their special talents and preserves and enhances their unique natural resources.

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