About Us

Stanford Biochemistry is a diverse and inclusive community dedicated to fundamental discovery in biological science through basic research and training. We are united by the common view that transformative advances in biology come through a molecular understanding of biological systems. Our core goals are to perform foundational research, to mentor and train scientists and scientific leaders, and to foster a strong scientific community. Our research ranges from molecular structure to organismal biology as we strive to uncover new biological principles and to impact human disease.

Research, Community, and Culture

Many people contribute to the scientific mission of our Department. Our 20 faculty members mentor more than 50 students and 60 postoctoral fellows and professional scientists with the support of our dedicated Administrative staff. Our research is diverse and we take a wide variety of interdisciplinary approaches in order to address scientific questions. Central to our research mission is our long standing culture of sharing and strong sense of community and collegiality. We mix members of our laboratories together throughout the Department in order to foster cross pollination of ideas and approaches. We promote a supportive environment that values different people and perspectives.

Mentoring, Training, and Teaching

Central to our science is our commitment to mentorship and teaching to ensure the success of our trainees. We make a dedicated effort to individualize mentorship to students, postdocs, staff, and faculty to promote the advancement of each member of our community.