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Research in the Department of Biochemistry encompasses diverse questions and uses a wide variety of approaches, experimental systems, and techniques to understand the molecular basis of life. We are bonded by a central interest in understanding fundamental biological questions at the level of how proteins, RNA, and DNA act and interact to accomplish highly complex, intra- and intercellular processes. Many of our research programs involve molecular medicine and strong connections to the clinical enterprise at Stanford.


We use genetic approaches, physical techniques such as spectroscopy, laser light traps and crystallography, cell biological approaches such as light microscopy and cell fractionation, biochemical techniques such as enzyme purification and characterization, along with genome wide screens, single cell RNAseq, microfluidics and single molecule microscopy. By attacking problems using these complementary approaches, we are best suited to pave the way towards solving the questions at hand.

Two features about our Department are especially noteworthy. First, we share all of our space and major equipment. Furthermore, students and postdocs from different groups are intermixed. This enhances interactions at all levels.  Second, we work hard to maintain a collegial, cooperative and supportive environment. All faculty are engaged in the operation and mission of the Department and share and uphold philosophies of operation and community spirit that we hold dear.