Exploring the molecular basis of life


The Department of Biochemistry was founded in 1959 when Arthur Kornberg was recruited as part of the move of Stanford Medical School from San Francisco to the main Stanford campus.  Since that time, we continue the tradition of mixing students and postdoctoral fellows in common laboratories so that the different research groups are familiar with each other's research and cross-fertilization is inevitable.  We also share all large equipment and do everything we can to exist as a family of interactive scientists.

Founding Faculty Bob Lehman’s 94th Birthday!

Founding Faculty Bob Lehman’s 94th Birthday!

The department is incredibly diverse with nearly everyone using interdisciplinary approaches of biochemistry, genetics, biophysics, structural biology, high-resolution light microscopy, and other innovative methodologies, often developed by Biochemistry students and postdoctoral fellows as part of their work. Thus, genetic engineering, high-throughput RNA expression analysis, and single molecule analysis all came out of the Biochemistry Department and are fueling current advances in biosciences, biotechnology and medicine worldwide.